Dallas was very thorough on my home inspection.  He was pleasant and answered all of my questions.  We would be happy to refer your company to others if the opportunity arises.

Winifred P, Rochester, MN.

It was very easy to contact Rick and make a convenient appointment. He was very thorough, professional and efficient. We wanted a home inspection prior to putting our home on the market. He reviewed his findings with us, his report and thoroughly explained everything at the conclusion of the inspection. His report is very easy to understand and know what things need attention versus just notations. We would highly recommend Home Pro Home Inspections.

Brian & Susan U. Rochester, MN

Rick was great!  As a first time homebuyer, he walked me through all aspects of the home inspection as well as giving me pointers on different things to watch for as I take on this new home.  I very much appreciate his thorough evaluation and professional but friendly nature.  I will definately refer Rick in the future!

Joanna. Rochester, MN

The home inspection was very thorough!  We learned a lot about our home, both good and bad.  You were very approachable and answered all of our questions in a manner we could understand.  Job well done!

Rhonda J. Rochester, MN

The review of the home inspection report findings was excellent. It was easy to ask questions. Rick has a thorough knowledge of homes, and provided us great answers.

Becky M, Lewiston, MN

As a first time homebuyer I was a little nervous about the overall condition of the home and it’s systems.   Rick did an excellent job of inspecting these systems during the home inspection and reassuring me of their quality.  Overall Rick was very easy to talk to and very willing to thoroughly answer any and all questions.  Thanks Much!

Josh M, Rochester, MN

As first time home owners there are a lot of new things for us to learn.  You pointed out and taught us a lot about the home during the home inspection.  We are so glad Shelli referred you!  Thanks for all your help.  We also love the Basic Home Systems book.

Amanda & Siva N, Rochester, MN

Rick was very knowledgable, trustworthy and objective.  A truely professional home inspector.

Mike & Christy M. Rochester, MN.

All in all you did a great job. You made us feel at ease and not nervous. Did an awesome job pointing out problems, and GOOD things about the house. I loved the photographs of problem spots in the home inspection picture pages.

Rhonda M, Rochester, MN

Very professional, thorough and complete home inspection.

Jim & Karen L, Rochester, MN.

Thanks for everything and being willing to go over some extra questions on the home inspection for us first time home buyers.  It was greatly appreciated.  We will definitely send you some referrals when the time comes.

Jennifer F, Rochester, MN

I needed a home inspection ASAP, and I got one!  Thank you for being so flexible in scheduling!

Adam H. Rochester, MN

Rick was very helpful and professional at my home inspection.  I was pleased that the report and review came with some written and verbal suggestions on how to fix some of the problems found.  Rick also made sure that I fully understood all of his explanations and and was respectful when answering my questions.  Rick was dressed professionally and is very nice and pleasant.  I will recommend Rick to any of my family and friends who may need a home inspection.

Judy T. Kasson, MN.

I really enjoyed going through the home inspection with you.  You made the inspection feel more personal than business.  I will definately go with you for any future home inspections.

Derek G. Claremont, MN

Rick was very helpful when buying our first home.  He walked through every inch and tested everything in his path.  He was able to explain in detail why things needed to be looked at or checked.  I would recommend Rick to anyone that needs to have a home inspection.  Thanks again!

Steph & Chris A, Rochester, MN

Great job!.  My home inspection was very thorough yet timely.  Also Rick did a great job explaining everything to me as a “first time home buyer”.

Devin H. Rochester, MN.

You did way more than I was expecting in a home inspection!  I was very pleased that you were consistent in looking for every possible issue an older home could have.  Thanks again!

Matt L, Kasson, MN

I have bought many homes over the years, and this was the most thorough home inspection I have ever been involved with.  Very Professional!

Mark J. Rochester, MN

Very thorough with attention to detail. I will definitely use HomePro again.

Antonio N, Rochester, MN

The home inspection process was above and beyond my expectations.  Rick was very thorough and efficient.  I would highly reccommend his company for all home inspection needs.  Thank You!

Janelle S. Rochester, MN.

Dallas was very professional and had a good sense of humor.  The home inspection made us feel very good about our new home.  Thank You!

Frances S. Dodge Center, MN.

You were very thorough and took the time to explain every question. The home inspectors report was helpful for a single female, first time home buyer. The photo pages were beneficial in showing where repairs were needed.

Krista K, Rochester, MN

Dallas was very thorough and friendly.  He made sure we understood everything during our home inspection, and even left room for our many questions.  Being able to review the inspection report on he computer and have a printed copy at the end was great!  We highly recommend HomePro to others !

Carrie H, Joe H. Plainview, MN.

I appreciate that you took the time to explain everything in the home inspection in a way that I understood. Youe explanations made it much easier for me to understand the systems and components of the home.

Amy F. Rochester, MN

I enjoyed the home inspection and your thorough explanations.  The small things like tagging all of the water and gas valves was a nice bonus.

Jason K. Red Wing, MN

Very helpful to us as first time home buyers.  Rick took the time to explain his home inspectors findings and answer any questions we had.  Very professional.  We were overall very satisfied.

Vanessa N, Rochester, MN

Thanks Rick, we feel very comfortable in the decision of buying our new home after the home inspection.  You did a great job!.

Suzy & Kevin H. Pine Island, MN.

I went back and forth on having a home inspection done.  We are glad that we did because there were issues that I did not catch.  The inspection report will be a useful reference for information on where I will start when I do our upgrades

Merlyn & Janet M. Rochester, MN

Rick, I was very pleased with your home inspection and report.  I felt very much at ease moving into my home, and knowing everythink was “up to par”.  Thank You!

Roberta B. Rochester, MN

I was very impressed with the whole home inspection process.  All of my questions were answered thoroughly.  My uneasiness and worries were erased after review of the home inspections findings and discussion.  Well worth the money.  I will definitely recommend you to others!

Derrick W, Rochester, MN

Being a first time home buyer, Rick was great with showing me the locations of utilities and electrical works.  He also explained and showed me how to do some basic home care with my utilities.  Above and beyond the home inspection process.

Kristen W, Rochester, MN

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and years of experience with us.  The home inspection and report were very clear.  The information you provided us helped us to make a final decision on purchasing our new home, and we know we are going to love living there.

Jenna and Matt, Dodge Center, MN

Rick did a great job inspecting my new condo. He was very friendly and thorough. He did a great job explaining things to me and letting me know what I needed to know. I would  highly recommend him.

Mark K. Rochester, MN

Thank You so much for your help Rick.  You answered all of my home inspection questions and even more.  I am more than happy with all of the information you offered me!

Emily V, Rochester, MN.

The Price and Service was Excellent!

Jackie and Corey, Rochester, MN

Dallas is very knowledgeable and thorough.  He helped me to understand the inspection report as well as the repairs and maintenance item.  I especially appreciated him providing additional contact information should I have questions after the inspection.  Thank you for the prompt, professional home inspection.

Patricia C. Rochester, MN

Rick was very helpful and explained our home inspection simply and clearly.

Lorrie & Kevin S. Rochester, MN

This is our second home purchase, and our Realtor recommended Rick for our home inspection.  He was very knowledgable whenever we asked him questions regarding the home.  He gave us reassurance in our new home decision and I would recommend him to others.

Andrea P, Rochester, MN

Everything was Great! I was very pleased and liked your home inspection report.  Lots of great stuff to know, especially when moving into an old farm house.  Thanks Rick!

Sean W. Kasson, MN

Thank you so much for the thorough job!  Your home inspection report and answers were fantastic.  We are very confident that we are getting a “solid” home.  We will definately refer you to our friends and family.

John & Deanna I. Rochester, MN