Home Buyer Inspection

As a Home Buyer you need to know as much about your new home as possible. An unbiased, professional home inspection is the best way for you to gain valuable information about what is most likely, the biggest investment of your lifetime. Both emotionally and financially, purchasing a home is a big step. Your new home should be a safe place where your family can live and make life long memories. Having your home inspected by HomePro Home Inspections will help you to dispel homebuyer anxieties and ensure that you are making educated decisions about the property you are purchasing.

Home Seller Inspection

If you are a Home Seller, a Pre-Listing home inspection will help you determine what needs attention prior to marketing your home. A Pre-Listing Home Inspection allows you to clean up issues on your own terms, and helps you to set a realistic listing value for the sale of your home. A prospective Home Buyer may also be more likely to accept defects or system inadequacies if they are disclosed up front. The more you know about your home prior to a sale, the better prepared you can be for negotiations.  Having your home pre inspected can help you sell for more money, reduce the cost of needed repairs, and minimize the negotiation process.

Builder's Warranty Inspection

Why should you be left with the responsibility of potentially expensive repairs to your new home?  Protect yourself, and your investment.  Have an independent home inspection on your new home before your first year is up.  A Builder’s Warranty Inspection will help to point out any deficiencies or hidden problems that your need to present your builder before your builder’s warranty expires.

Most builders provide a one-year Builder’s Warranty covering any defects you may find during the first year after construction.  Think of your builder’s warranty like it is the 60,000 mile warranty the auto manufactures provide for your car. You want to be sure to take advantage of that service while you have it!

During the first year you spend in your new home, you will probably compile a list of defects or items that don’t work properly.  Whether it’s a defect, or workmanship, you deserve to have it repaired.  Since your Builder’s Warranty expires at the one year mark, this is a perfect opportunity to identify, document and provide your builder with a list of items that need to be resolved.  It is critical that you have adequate documentation of all safety hazards, defects, and adjustments that can be presented and discussed with your builder before your Builder’s Warranty expires.

A Builder’s Warranty inspection will provide you with a comprehensive list of any defects or issues that there may be with the home.  Once your new home has been inspected, you will have the information and documentations necessary to discuss any issues regarding your home with your builder.  The better educated you are regarding any issues there may be, the better chance you have in getting your builder to resolve the items that need repair.

It’s important that any issues are pointed out prior to your one year anniversary so that the builder can make any necessary repairs at no additional cost to you.  Typically these are minor issues, but it is wise have them repaired right away, so that they don’t become costly repairs later on.  Let HomePro Home Inspections help you protect your investment!


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