Rochester MN Home Inspector Talks About Digital TV Transition?

Much of  the population, including those of us in Rochester and the Southeastern MN region, have been hearing about the 2009 digital TV transition for quite some time now. With the date of transition fast approaching, what does it mean for you and what are your plans for the TVs in your home? According to the Federal Communications Commission, between February 17, 2009 and June 12, 2009 full-power broadcast television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting only in digital.

Experts in communications recommend that if you are currently using an antenna to receive broadcasts you'll need to either replace your TV with a newer model or get a separate converter box to continue watching your television. Those people who subscribe to a cable or satellite service should check with their provider to make sure they are using updated digital equipment.

For many people, the digital TV transition is an opportunity to take inventory of the TVs in your home and update some outdated equipment. Whether you need to replace the TV in your living room or those dated, smaller TVs in the bedroom or kitchen, many people are looking for deals and want to replace their old 19-inch TV's they've been watching for the last couple of decades.

In making your decision it's good to know what your options are. One option to consider is an LCD TV with a built-in DVD player -- a perfect option when replacing your TV sets. Instead of being left with an obsolete and unattractive model, you're investing in one that is designed to accent any room in your home and is technically equipped to receive the digital signals.

There are many companies who make a range of smaller, space-saving TVs that are great choices for the digital transition. These models have built-in digital tuners that work for standard cable channels as well as off-air digital broadcasts. When the digital transition arrives, you won't have to worry.

The 2009 digital TV transition is a good thing. DTV enables broadcasters to offer television with better picture and sound quality. Of course you can always purchase a digital converter box and continue using your old model TV's, but now that you are prepared and have options for every TV in your home, you'll be better informed and ready to purchase a superior TV to appreciate your exceptional viewing experience.