Rochester MN Home Inspector Discusses Using Caulk To Save Energy

Energy leakage and water damage are a constant threat to homeowners. Simple caulking and insulating of leaks and openings can help to reduce energy loss by up to a third. As I suggest during the process of a home inspection, don’t buy the cheap caulk.  Buy a good quality caulk that will last a lifetime.  There are several products available at your local Rochester and Southeastern MN hardware or home supply store. 

Once a year do a complete inspection of your home exterior for potential leaks or openings. Areas around windows, doors, and utility entry points are the first place to look. Home Owners that take the time to protect their homes can increase resale value and enjoy low maintenance exteriors. Preventative measures now rather than later can eliminate big repair bills in the future. If you keep at it, you can stay ahead of mother nature.