Home Inspections Findings On Loose Gutters

Home inspection photo shows loose gutters on home

Home inspection photo shows loose gutters on home

Most gutter manufacturers provide several methods to hang gutters.  During home construction, the quick and cheap method of hanging rain gutters involves nailing them to the fascia board with large spikes. Over time these large spikes often loosen. Plastic type hangers can deteriorate or distort due to elements.  Climate changes in the Rochester MN area can cause gutters to pull away and leave gaps between the fascia board and gutter which will result in leakage and potential water damage.  Leaking will allow roof water to accumulate near the foundation, and/or cause erosion issues.  This is important because many times, wet or damp basement issues can be traced back to gutters, downspouts and grading next to the structure. 

There are answers for you. Your HomePro Home Inspector can offer these tips to tighten those loose gutters: 

  • Replace original large spikes with large screw/nails called Gutter Screws from Fasten Master

  • Another option is to replace the nails with a metal bar or strap hanger suited to a remodeling application. The hanger still fastens to the fascia, but several smaller nails are used. The strap stretches over the gutter, securing the outer edge.

  • One option available during new construction or when replacing the roof is to fasten a strap hanger to the roof sheathing under the shingles.