Rochester MN Home Inspector Renews Rusty Wrought Iron Railings

Renewing the finish of rusty wrought iron railings can be easy and a fairly simple do it yourself project to complete.  Here in Southeastern Minnesota the weather can be harsh causing many wrought iron railings to rust after years of exposure to the elements. If you are planning to repaint your railings you will need to remove the rust first.  You can try a product like Rust-Oleum  Rust Reformer to help neutralize the corrosion process. Before repainting, however, you will need to remove the flaking paint and rust. Be careful  not to go all the way down to bare metal. Using the Rust Reformer eliminates the need to remove rust down to bare metal. A wire brush or abrasive pad works well.  To make the job go a little faster and easier you can use a round wire brush attached to a drill. After removing the surface rust, clean the surface with a detergent and water to remove oil, grease, and dirt.  Let it dry completely.  Apply the milky white Reformer with a brush or pad. The product will dry to a black finish in about 15 minutes.

 To finish the process, wait a minimum of four hours, then apply an oil based enamel paint. It is recommended to use oil based enamel instead of latex paint on your exterior wrought iron metal. Using oil based enamel paint will provide a good extension to your maintenance schedule. Some products, including Rust Reformer, suggest applying several coats of reformer for a final flat black finish.