Rochester MN Home Inspections Help On Energy Saving Doors

At first glance, an old leaky garage door may not seem like something that would contribute to your rising home utility bills, but just might be worth thinking about.  A new, insulated garage door can reduce energy loss through the garage door by up to 71%. An attached garage usually shares one or two common walls with your home.  Hot or cold air leaking through your garage door will affect the interior temperature of your garage, thus affecting the adjacent living areas of your home.  An insulated garage door will stabilize garage temperatures, thus reducing the effect on common garage/home walls.

A well insulated garage, with a well insulated garage door, can result in your garage being 10-20 degrees warmer that the outside temperature on a cold Rochester and Southeastern MN winter day.  That 10-20 degrees can make a big difference on the temperature of adjacent walls located above or next to the garage. 

Did you know that thanks to the stimulus legislation, if you purchase a new energy efficient garage door for your home, prior to Dec 31, 2010, you will not only save money on your heating bills, you may also qualify for up to $1500 in federal tax credits.