Home Inspector Shares Tips On Digital Spring Cleaning

As long as you are thinking about Spring Cleaning, why not take some time to attend to your digital gizmos and gadgets you have around the house.  I’m guessing, if you are like me, it’s probably been months since you have organized you computer files, or checked on the batteries in your safety devices, to make sure they operate properly in the event you may need them. Your home inspector says "Let’s get organized" this spring.  Make sure you add all of your digital gadgets and devices to the list.  Below are a few tips that should get you on the right path to your digital spring cleaning.

Let’s start with the computers first.  You might be surprised to see just how much faster they operate and process information when the files are organized.  You can de-clutter your e-mail by sorting out all old or un-needed emails.  Put important e-mails you need into folders for safe keeping.  Run your computer’s disk clean up and defragmenter software to de-clutter and organize hard disk file space.

Spring is also a great time to replace all of the batteries in your small electronics.  Restock your supplies so that you have batteries on hand when the need arises, or in case of emergencies.  Some of the electronic devices that may need new batteries are the digital cameras, digital clocks, remote controls, garage door openers, flash lights, toys, and don’t forget about the electronic key fob for your automobiles.  Changing out all of your batteries will guarantee the these electronics will be ready and in working order when you need them.

Your Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors should also have their batteries changed at least annually.  Your family’s safety is important, and we rely on these devices to keep us safe and alert us in the event of an emergency.  Working smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are the simplest ways to to protect you and your family from fire.

You can combine your digital spring cleaning with your regular organization of tax records, sales receipts, Auto repair receipts, and anything else you keep in your file cabinets.  I scan all of my documents and store them electronically.  This saves space and allows for easy retrieval.  Of course you should also make digital back up’s to protect your documents in the event of a hard drive crash.

Keeping your digital house in order will help to make your life a little more organized while also keeping you prepared for any technical emergencies that may arise.  Get your spring cleaning going now and enjoy the benefits of a clutter free home.