Ice Damming Discussed at Rochester MN Home Inspection

Ice Damming Discussed at Rochester MN Home Inspection. As stated in the video, we had over 40 inches of snow here in Rochester during the month of December. Then to top it off we had above freezing weather and rain. This resulted in ice daming on most all homes in the area. Once in the home I made sure to check the exterior wall and ceiling areas for any signs of moisture. Also, I checked for proper insulation, ventilation in the attic area as well as signs of moisture. There were no issues at the time of the inspection. I explained the cause and effect of ice dams to the client and recommended that she pay close attention to the ice daming. For the future I recommended that client consider using a roof rake to keep the lower portion of the roof clear of snow. If you enjoyed my home inspectors video, and would like to see more like it, please leave a comment.