Rochester MN Home Inspector Explains Radon Mitigation System

In this video, the home inspector explains the components of the Radon Mitigation system that is installed in his home. Starting with the sump basket, up through the attic and onto the roof. This Radon Mitigation system lowered the Radon in this home from 11.6 pCi/l to 0.8pCi/liter.

Rochester MN Home Inspectors’ State Of The Art Radon Measurement Equipment

The ONLY way to find out if your home has high Radon levels is to have your home tested.50-60% of all homes tested in Rochester MN and Olmsted and the surrounding counties exceed the EPA’s recommended action level of 4 pCi/L. Nationwide, 7% of homes are estimated to have high Radon levels. Levels can vary widely even from home to home in the same neighborhood.