Leaking Faucet Creates Ice Dome

What happens when an exterior faucet drips in Minnesota in the Winter? You get an Ice Dome. Two things you want to make sure of is that faucets ar completely shut off and that you don't leave garden hoses hooked up. It is important that the anti frost valve is allowed to drain properly to prevent damage to the faucet

Why You Should Keep Your Water Heater Properly Maintained

During the course of a home inspection I remind clients that in order for appliances to operate safely and efficiently, they should be maintained on a regular schedule as recommended by the manufacturer. In the photos above you will see a water heater that I came across at a home inspection. Clearly there are some combustion issues.

Caulking Around You Tub And Shower

Something that every home owner should learn to do is caulk. Proper caulking can be your first defense against water intrusion. Whether you are caulking a tub or shower the hardest part of the whole job is cleaning out the old caulk. The newer silicone cauls work best and will last for years if installed properly.

Garden Hoses Pose Potential For Frozen Water Lines

Leaving garden hoses connected to external water faucets can result in frozen and possibly split water lines. At this home inspection in Rochester MN, I came across two hose faucets that had garden hoses attached to them. These hose faucets are the Anti Freeze/Anti Siphon type and are designed not to freeze...provided you remove the garden hoses.

Home Inspection Detects Hazardous Gas

On a recent home inspection near Rochester MN, I came across what appeared to be a blocked chimney flue. Both the furnace and water heater were functioning properly with nice blue flames. I was however getting back draft Carbon Monoxide exhaust from both appliances.

Home Inspection Discloses How Not To Fix A Leaky Valve

There's more than one way to fix a leaky valve. In this particular instance the homeowner duct taped a sponge to the affected valve. As it leaked, the water dispersed through the sponge and evaporated, thus preventing a leak to whatever lay below...

Rochester MN Home Inspectors’ State Of The Art Radon Measurement Equipment

The ONLY way to find out if your home has high Radon levels is to have your home tested.50-60% of all homes tested in Rochester MN and Olmsted and the surrounding counties exceed the EPA’s recommended action level of 4 pCi/L. Nationwide, 7% of homes are estimated to have high Radon levels. Levels can vary widely even from home to home in the same neighborhood.

Home Inspectors Discover Serious Water Heater Venting Problem

At a recent home inspection I came across a hot water heater in a utility closet in which the vent flue had become disconnected at the ceiling. In addition to the exhaust and CO venting directly to the closet, you can see that the paper on the adjacent sheetrock is heavily charred from the exhaust heat.

Vinyl Flooring Stains Around A Toilet Found During Home Inspection.

The gray, (and sometimes pinkish), stains below the surface of the vinyl flooring around your toilet may indicate water damage. When there are stains around your toilet, there is probably a leak in the wax seal ring that seals the toilet to the plumbing flange at the floor. Continued leaking over a period of time will rot the flooring under your toilet and eventually leak into the ares below.