Preventing Washing Machine Hose leaks

Washing Machine Hoses

Washing Machine Hoses

Failure of washing machine water hoses is one of the leading causes of residential water leaks and damage. Your standard rubber hoses have a typical life of up to 5 years. 

There are however, better grades of hoses available that will minimize or eliminate potential for leaks, bursting and water damage. Changing and installation of new hoses is simple and can be done in 15-30 minutes. 

The most common, and much safer hose are the ones with the braided stainless steel covering. These hoses can be purchased at many hardware stores and are much stronger and resistant to bursting.  These hoses are going to cost you around $30 for the set. There is a one brand of the braided hoses that goes for about $50 for the set and has a 20 year guarantee.  

Take the time to complete a full inspection of your water hoses. Replace them if they show any signs of wear or deterioration. Upgrading your washer hoses is well worth the effort and the peace of mind that you protected against sudden bursting of an old water hose.