Rochester MN Home Inspector Recommends Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wood Burning Fireplace

There are many reasons to keep your homes fireplace and chimney clean and in tip top operating condition. A dirty chimney will reduce the effectiveness of a fireplace as a heat source. Severe neglect and lack of maintenance may result in a chimney fire. Chimney fires can lead to home fires.

Caulking Around You Tub And Shower

Something that every home owner should learn to do is caulk. Proper caulking can be your first defense against water intrusion. Whether you are caulking a tub or shower the hardest part of the whole job is cleaning out the old caulk. The newer silicone cauls work best and will last for years if installed properly.

Rochester MN Home Inspector Discusses Dryer Fire Hazards

If you have had a home inspection by HomePro Home Inspections you know that when I come across flexible, corrugated dryer venting, we discuss the potential for fire hazard. Dryer manufacturers recommend solid metal smooth bore venting to provide for better air flow.

Vinyl Flooring Stains Around A Toilet Found During Home Inspection.

The gray, (and sometimes pinkish), stains below the surface of the vinyl flooring around your toilet may indicate water damage. When there are stains around your toilet, there is probably a leak in the wax seal ring that seals the toilet to the plumbing flange at the floor. Continued leaking over a period of time will rot the flooring under your toilet and eventually leak into the ares below.

Yearly Inspection and Cleaning Dirty Refrigerator Coils

Recently I came across a refrigerator/freezer unit that was heavily frosted up in the freezer unit. I took a look underneath the unit and the coils were completely loaded up with lint and dust bunnies. When the coils under a unit are all loaded and dirty up they can not operate efficiently, resulting in higher energy bills.

Rochester MN Home Inspections Recommendation On Attic Insulation

When it gets cold outside we usually grab a blanket to help stay warm. Wrap your home in a blanket by adding insulation to areas like the attic, basement walls, and crawlspaces. Additional insulation can help to reduce your yearly energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

Rochester MN Home Inspection Reveals Why Your Windows Fog Up.

It's hard to believe, but a family of four can generate up to 18 gallons of water in the form of humidity inside a home in a week? Cooking, showering, washing and drying clothes, and even breathing, creates a lot of water and it has to go somewhere.