Oh My Gosh---

Leaking Faucet Creates Ice Dome

What happens when an exterior faucet drips in Minnesota in the Winter? You get an Ice Dome. Two things you want to make sure of is that faucets ar completely shut off and that you don't leave garden hoses hooked up. It is important that the anti frost valve is allowed to drain properly to prevent damage to the faucet

Who says this circuit can’t “support” 50A 220V….

This inspection photo shows a 50A, 220V circuit that serviced the homes Range, Dryer and the Air conditioner, yes, all three appliances on one breaker. The junction box was hanging in mid air, was missing grommets. You may also notice limestone basement walls and a dirt floor. You can’t even begin to list all the reasons this is wrong and unsafe.

Rochester MN Home Inspector Drives By Roof Collapse

Home Inspector finds roof collapse from snow load

Home Inspector finds roof collapse from snow load

We had a lot of snow this past winter and apparently the load exceeded the design specifications of this garage roof.  Or maybe deferred maintenance caught up with structure.  Whatever the case, it appears this garage is near the end of it's useful life ;-).

Your home inspector saw this as I was passing by and couldn't resist stopping and taking a picture.

Furnace Improvements Not Recommended By Home Inspector

Canned beans supporting oil burner found a home inspection

Canned beans supporting oil burner found a home inspection

The only can of green beans we have in the house… And they are way past the expiration date. I guess we'll have to run to the store. This home inspector thinks it would have been better for the home owner to have the furnace professionaly repaired by a qualified repairman.

Rochester MN Home Inspector Finds Bees In The Basement

Here’s another good reason you should make sure all exterior openings are sealed. I usually discuss with my clients the importance of making sure that all exterior openings are sealed so that moisture and insects can not infiltrate.