Who says this circuit can’t “support” 50A 220V….


This inspection photo shows a 50A, 220V circuit that serviced the homes Range, Dryer and the Air conditioner, yes, all three appliances on one breaker. The junction box was hanging in mid air, was missing grommets.  You may also notice limestone basement walls and a dirt floor. You can’t even begin to list all the reasons this is wrong and unsafe. The reason this guy decided the circuit should be 50A is because that’s what was needed for the Range… makes sense. However. the dryer should have been on it’s own 30A circuit and the Air Conditioner should have had it’s own 30A circuit per the data plate.

You might guess that this wasn’t the only electrical issue in this home.  This is why home inspections are so critical when buying a home. 

Too many people think they know what they are doing, but really don’t. Unless properly trained, you should always hire an electrician for electrical work in hour home.