Rochester MN Home Inspector Reveals Equity-Building DIY Projects

Taking on a few simple do-it-yourself projects to increase the value and appearance of your home can make a big difference when it comes time to sell. A home inspection should result in fewer issues that need to be dealt with on a properly maintained home.

Not only can you make your house stand out, you can receive more money from the sale, which can be used to offset other projects on your wish list. While do-it yourself projects can often seem like a daunting task, they really don't have to be.  With a little planning and making sure you have the right tools, your home upgrades can be quick and affordable.

If you don't have a tool you need for your do-it yourself project, you can rent most anything you need.  Renting tools can help to keep your costs down. Renting gives you access to equipment that is otherwise too expensive to purchase. Rental stores are also a great place for free expert advice about tools, how to use them correctly and how to best complete your project.

Employees at rental stores can provide you with valuable insight on using the tools and equipment you will need to successfully complete your projects. They have gone through extensive training on how to use the tools, and they often can provide you with some great ideas about how to save time and money in your undertaking.

A small investment can go a long way. Use these five projects as a starting point to help build more equity in your home.

  1. Power wash the exterior of your home. Give the exterior of your home a facelift and prevent long term damage. You can remove dirt, mildew, moss and other blemishes from vinyl siding with a power washer. The power washer can also be used to remove grunge from your front porch, garage, driveway, shed, fence and deck. But be sure to have someone at your rental store show you how to use the machine safely. A pressure washer is so powerful that it can damage property if used incorrectly.

  2. Groom your lawn.  A beautiful lawn can dramatically improve your curb appeal and set your home apart for a great first impression.  Every lawn has different needs, but any lawn can use a little clean up. Rent a dethatcher, or power rake, to remove the undesirable debris build-up of grass clippings, leaves and stems interwoven in the grass. This allows water and fertilizer to penetrate the roots for healthier lawn. To speed up grass growth, rent an aerator.  An aerator pokes holes in the soil to allow air, nutrients and moisture into the grass' root system. Fertilize after you aerate and the grass will quickly cover the tracks left by the aerator.

  3. Revamp your bathrooms. These little rooms can make a big negative impact. And people have the impression they are expensive to fix. But replacing broken tiles can be very simple. Remove the surrounding grout and gently tap away pieces of the offending tile. Use tile nippers to shape your new tile to fit. Make sure to as the folks at the rental store how to use the nipper so that your project is a success.

  4. Update your kitchen. Kitchens can be the room that takes the most wear and tear. Some simple updates can help to make your kitchen look like new. Remove dated and dirty wallpaper. With the right tools, such as a steamer, the paper often just peels off. This machine has a steam tank and a plate that emits vapor as you hold it to the wall, which usually loosens even the stickiest paper in about two or three minutes. Once you have removed the wallpaper, choosing a new color and repaint.

  5. Go deeper than a surface cleaning for floors. The law of gravity implies that all dirt will eventually end up on the floor. Carpets can hide as much as 10 times their own weight in soil and dirt. Hot-water extraction using a rented portable carpet extractor is the best method to remove embedded soil to thoroughly clean the carpet to get an enhanced appearance. Hardwood floors require a bit more work and heavy duty commercial equipment.