Rochester MN Home Inspector Discussion On Adding Storm Doors To Your Home

What does your home have that can improve its first impression and it’s energy efficiency? It’s on the front of your home and sits directly in front of your main entrance. I’m talking about your storm doors. Storm doors play an important role in your homes curb appeal and energy efficiency. They can beautify and prevent drafts.

Rochester MN Home Inspector Recommends Staining Deck To Protect Your Investment

Your Rochester MN Home Inspector recommends staining your deck as one of the best ways to protect your investment from the elements, It will be easier to maintain and look better longer

Rochester MN Home Inspector Reveals Equity-Building DIY Projects

Taking on a few simple do-it-yourself projects to increase the value and appearance of your home can make a big difference when it comes time to sell. Not only can you make your house stand out, you can receive more money from the sale, which can be used to offset other projects on your wish list.