Unsafe Electrical Outlet Observed By Rochester MN Home Inspector

Unsafe Electrical Outlet

Unsafe Electrical Outlet

This is one of those Oh My Gosh… things home inspectors frequently come across that I wanted to share.

Electrical safety is important in a home, especially if you have small children. On a recent home inspection on an older foreclosure, I came across several baseboard duplex outlets looking like the one above. These duplex outlets had been added several years ago when the home electrical was upgraded. 

The home was empty, but I suspect that the previous owners had small children as they took the time to install child proof covers over the plug outlets. Even though the previous owner had taken the time to cover the plugs with child proof covers, they left dangerous openings that would allow small fingers access to the electrical connections within the box. 

Obviously, this issue could be resolved by simply placing cover plates over the duplex boxes.